MX Player is hands down the best media player for Android ever made. MX Player is a power Android media player which supports almost all the file formats in existence. In this site, you will find all the information that you will ever need to make the most out of Android’s best media player – MX Player Pro. Excellent UI, great functionality, and unprecedented user experience combined with power core features make MX Player the go-to media player for anyone with an Android device.

Google Play Store is filled with a LOT of media player. Literally, thousands of media players are available in the Google Play Store. But, are all of them worth your time? Nope. Only a very, very few stand out from the crowd and MX Player is one of them, without a doubt. MX Player supports all kinds of Android devices from low to mid-range to flagships.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, beautiful, well-made media player that will seamlessly play any media file you throw at it, then stop looking further and get the MX Player right now! MX Player has been in the Android space since the very beginning. With a very committed development team behind, you simply cannot go wrong. Not convinced yet? Here are some highlights of MX Player on why it is the best media player for Android:

Supports ALL media formats

It is compatible with almost all types of video formats in existence including but not limited to AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4, MPEG, and much more.

High Definition Video Playback

This application can play a High Definition videos of 4K Ultra HD resolution with ease.

Clean User Experience

The user interface is very intiutive and easy to use. The settings/playback controls are very well laid out and easy to find.

Advanced Features

It supports some user friendly gestures such as pinch to zoom, sleep time, subtitle downloading which can be accessed very easily.

Multi-core Decoding

It supports multi-Core decoding i.e. SW, HW, and HW+ so sometimes when you play a long duration full HD video on your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Subtitle Support

Built-in subititles, 3rd party subtiles – everything supported. Plus, you can even download subtitles without leaving the app!

Download MX Player for Android™

You can simply directly download MX Player for Android APK file from our website. The link to download the MX Player for Android is provided at the very top section of this page. It is imperative to note here that MX Player available for download for free on several websites on the good old internet. But not all the websites you try to download it from will always provide a safe, fast, and latest version of MX Player. You can also, always download the same by visiting the Google Play Store. But, instead of searching for the app in the Play Store, you could always simply bookmark this page and even share with your friends for future purposes.

And that is the exactly the reason why we have created this site. A simple handy place where we could put all the necessary MX Player APK files, MX Player Codes and everything in one place. Your one-stop shop for all MX Player needs. One of the beautiful things about Android is that it allows the user to side-load the APK files. That right. You can keep a backup of the files and make use of it whenever you want. And this website is the place where you can find all things MX Player.

Added to that, what if your device/country does not list MX Player? No worries, we have got you covered. The MX Player APK file which we are providing today will work on all Android devices, regardless of the Android version or CPU architecture.

Download MX Player For Computer

If you do not know this already, MX Player is the Number 1 media player available for Android at the moment. It can be thought of what VLC is for Windows. Just like VLC on windows, MX Player also can play every single media format available today.

Missing the comfort of MX Player while you are on your PC? We do have a workaround for that as well. Though it is not yet available for PC, we have a little tutorial with which you can easily get MX Player running on your PC. If you are interested in knowing more, do check out our detailed guide here:

Get MX Player For PC

MX Player Alternatives For Android

As of today, MX Player is hands-down the best media player available for Android. But that doesn’t mean every other media player is bad. In fact, a healthy competition is always good for the users. Not that you would ever need an alternative for MX Player, but here are some notably good MX Player alternatives:

VLC Media Player

If you tell me that you have never heard of the legendary VLC Media Player, then you must be from another planet. VLC Media player has been ruling the windows space since the beginning of time. It can play literally every single media file format on earth and it truly deserves all the praise it gets. It is available for many popular platforms such as Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. Plus it has been translated to around 75 different languages. And hey, it’s open source!

GOM Player

GOM, which stands for Gretech Online Media, is also a great media player. I still remember switching between GOM Player and VLC Player in my early years. GOM is also a freeware media player that has got quite a few fans. One of the main things I loved about this player is that GOM is one of the first media players to introduces themes/skins to change the way it looked.

KM Player

KM Player is another top media players available for download. It supports quite a wide variety of format including but not limited to 3GP, WMA, QuickTime, RealMedia, DVD, OGG, and VCD. One of the nifty features that I liked about KM Players is the number of ways it offers to take screenshots of the video. If you like to play TS videos on your Android device from Technisat Digicorder, KMPlayer would be the way to go.


MPlayer may not be a great alternative but it gets the job done. The UI of the player could be a lot better but if you do not mind how it looks and rather on how it performs, then you might end up liking this one. Even this player supports a variety of file formats, no complains there. Overall, a good alternative.