MX Player Codec Download [Neon,AC3,DTS,MLP,TrueHD]

MX Player is hands-down the most powerful media player available for Android at the moment. The player can play almost any video and audio format you throw at it, without breaking a sweat. That combined with features such as background playback, gesture controls, sleep timer, and many more, makes MX Player the absolute winner. However, the developers behind MX Player had to remove a couple of codecs from the app due to some legal restrictions.

As a result of the above, MX Player lost the ability to play media formats such as AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, and a few more; at least officially. But guess what. You can manually download MX Player Codec files (both zip and APK files are available) and easily enable support for all the above-mentioned media formats. In this guide, we are bringing you all the available MX Player Codec for download. Added to the downloads, we have also included a nifty little guide on how to install MX Player Codec files to help you out in the process.

How to decide which version to download?

If you do not know already which version to download, simply follow these instructions:

Check which version you need by going to Settings > Decoder > General. Once you are here, in the Custom Codec tab you will be shown which codec is needed (x86, tegra2, tegra3, neon, etc.).

Note: If you are unsure, simply download the All-In-One version (AIO).


MX Player Custom Codec Zip Files Download

The codec files work best with the latest version of MX Player. So, please download the latest version of MX Player.

Please click below to download Zip codec files for MX Player and MX Player Pro [Updated on 17 September 2019]

Codec Download Link Download Download Download Download Download

Also, make sure to download MX Player Pro APK latest version and MX Player for PC/Windows Laptop from our site.

MX Player Custom Codec APK Files Download

Please click below to download APK codec files for MX Player and MX Player Pro [Updated on 17 September 2019]

Codec Download Link
ARM V7 NEON CODEC 1.9.20.apk Download
TEGRA CODEC 1.9.19 BETA.apk Download
ARM V7 CODEC 1.9.19 BETA.apk Download
X86 CODEC 1.9.19.apk Download

How to Install MX Player Codec Files?

If you had downloaded the MX Player Codec files via computer, make sure to copy/move them to your Android device to proceed with the installation. You can follow any of the below methods which suits your needs best.

Method 1

  1. Using a file manager of your choice, move the MX Player Codec Zip file the root of your internal storage.  Which means, outside of all the folders.
  2. Now, simply go to your home screen/app drawer and open MX Player. If everything is followed correctly, the player will automatically detect the codec zip file and will prompt you to install the same. Simply click ‘OK’.
  3. The installation will be done automatically and the app will restart. Now you should be able to play all media formats without any issues.

Method 2

  1. Open MX Player on your phone.
  2. Go to Settings > Decoder > General > Custom Codec.
  3. Now you will get a dialog box showing your internal storage. Simply navigate to the path where you have stored the MX Player Codec zip file and select the same.
  4. The select codec zip will be installed and the app will automatically restart.

Please note that, if you have chosen to go with the All-in-one codec pack, the MX Player will automatically install all the codec in the zip file. Once the app restarts after installation, you would be able to play videos with DTS Audio, AC3 audio without any issues. Hope this article, helped you find the perfect MX Player Custom Codec for your need. If you have any issues downloading or install MX Player Custom Codec, do drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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